1.ExoGlobal Industries will fully cover all pre-approved, work-related expenses during business trips, which include transportation, meals, accommodation, and other reasonable costs.

2.Employees should submit expense receipts through our digital reimbursement portal within 15 days post-trip.

3.Please categorize your expenses correctly and provide comprehensive descriptions to ensure swift processing.

4.Non-compliant requests may be subject to review or denial.

5.This policy covers professional responsibilities, not personal indulgences.

6.We should continue embodying ExoGlobal's integrity and accountability values in every aspect of our work.



The company's policy is to provide reimbursement for all approved work-related travel expenses.

Make sure you keep your receipts in order to get a full reimbursement.



You will need pre-approved authorization for your business trip expenses.

She used her pre-approved credit line to start her business.



Keep track of your expenses during the business trip.

The company will cover all the expenses for your training.


Trans- 是「轉移」,port是「港口、攜帶」。把貨物從一個港口移動到另一個港口,自然就是運輸了。注意貨物、人員的交通運輸都是使用這個字。

The company will reimburse all transportation costs associated with the business trip.

Public transportation is a cheap and efficient way to travel around the city.


Accommodate當動詞,意思是「容納」,可以容納人的地方,就是「住宿」。商務中也常用Thank you for accommodating,向對方的退讓與配合表示感謝。

The accommodation expenses for the conference will be paid by the company.

The hotel provided excellent accommodation for all the guests.


Receipts的定義是:「A written acknowledgment that a specified article or sum of money has been received.」


Please submit all your receipts for the business trip within 15 days.

She kept all her shopping receipts for record-keeping.


Portal的定義是:「A website or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as email, forums, and search engines.」


Please upload your receipts to the company's reimbursement portal.

The students access their grades through the online portal.



Categorize your expenses properly to ensure a smooth reimbursement process.

The library books are categorized by genre for easy access.



Non-compliant expenses will not be reimbursed by the company.

Non-compliant behavior could result in expulsion from the school.



The CEO takes full accountability for the company's performance.

The team showed great accountability in completing the project on time.


1.We encourage all employees to maintain full __________ for their work-related expenses during business trips.

(A) portal
(B) pre-approved
(C) accountability
(D) accommodation

2.You need to __________ your travel expenses into categories like meals, transportation, and accommodation.

(A) pre-approved
(B) receipts
(C) non-compliant
(D) categorize

3.Any __________ expense will not be covered under the company's reimbursement policy.

(A) non-compliant
(B) accountability
(C) receipts
(D) transportation

4.Please submit all your __________ for the business trip to the company's digital portal.

(A) transportation
(B) receipts
(C) accommodation
(D) pre-approved

5.The company will provide __________ for your transportation and accommodation during the business trip.

(A) categorize
(B) non-compliant
(C) reimbursement
(D) accountability

1.正解: (C)。句意為:「我們鼓勵所有員工,對於商務旅行中產生的相關費用,保持充分的責任。」(A) 網站門戶(B) 預先批准(C) 責任(D) 住宿。除了(C)以外其他皆不符合語意。

2.正解: (D),句意為:「您需要將您的旅行費用分類大致分為餐飲、交通和住宿等類別。」(A) 預先批准(B) 收據 (C) 不符規定 (D) 分類。除了(D)以外其他皆不符合語意。

3正解: (A) ,句意為:「任何不符規定的費用,基於公司報銷政策將不會支付。」(A) 不符規定(B) 責任(C) 收據(D) 交通。除了(A)以外其他皆不符合語意。

4 正解: (B) ,句意為:「請將您所有的收據提交至公司的核銷網頁。」(A) 交通 (B) 收據 (C) 住宿 (D) 預先批准,除了(B)以外其他皆不符合語意。

5.正解: (C) ,句意為:「公司將為您在商務旅行期間的交通和住宿提供核銷。」(A) 分類(B) 不符規定(C) 報銷(D) 責任,除了(C)以外其他皆不符合語意。