Sandy去一家公司面試,他問對方公司最重視什麼,對方HR說了一句話,讓她百思不解:In our company, we set store by honesty and hard work.


1.In our company, we set store by honesty and hard work.


Set store by並不是開了一家店,而是「非常重視、信賴」。Store這個字,最早有 something precious、a treasure(非常珍貴的、寶貴的東西)的意思,雖然現今已經沒有這樣的意義,但這個成語還繼續使用,指「認為⋯⋯很重要」;store前面可以加a lot of、great、high。

She's setting a lot of store by this job interview - I only hope she gets it.

2.You never know what's in store for you.


In store表面看來是「在店裡」,但真要指某個店,要有冠詞a或the:in the store或in a store。例如:

They checked out all the goods in the store.

In store是一個片語,指「即將發生」。

You never know what’s in store for you.


There's a shock in store for him when he gets home tonight!

In store也還有一個意思,相對於「網路商店」,指「在實體店面」。

The offer is only available in-store, so please call ahead to check availability.

3.Can you mind the store while I’m away.


Mind the store是「臨時代管、負責;幫忙關照」。大部份的英文字,除了它原本的意思外,都會有延伸的抽象含意。store在這裡就是比較抽象的用法,不是真的店面,而是辦公室裡發生的事,接近business。

Who's minding the store while the boss is away?

也可以用watch the store,意思一樣。

I had to stay home and watch the store when Ann went to Boston.

4.You are just storing up trouble for yourself.


Store up有「存起來」的意思,例如:

Ants store up food against (for) the winter.


If you don't deal with the problem now, you'll be storing up trouble for yourself in the future.